Circuloid is a super-addictive brick-breaker game for iPhone/iPad, with a few twists and a circular aspect which adds a new dimension of challenge to the arkanoid genre.

Become the former white-collar worker John Circuloid, accept your first undercover mission and GET THE BALL ROLLING, literally.

The goal is to break all the bricks on a given level with a ball you bounce off your paddles.

You can also compete against your friends (or total strangers) for high scores using Game Center.

Game Features

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  • Circuloid is a unique take on the typical brick-breaking gameplay
  • Circuloid is simply one of the most awesome and addictive breakout games available
  • This is becoming one of the most addicting games on my iPhone, and it’s a lot of fun to play
  • Circuloid is one of the most clever and addictive games for iPad
    MacStories' Weekly Game
  • it's one of the very best and more original brick breaker I have played and I played many
  • Circuloid is a decent enough game, no doubt dedicated brick breaker fans will enjoy it
    App Tilt
  • Fun gameplay, challenging, excellent presentation! Reminds me of Shatter on PSN! Worth checking out!
    Gary (AppStore UK)
  • One of my favorite game on my iPad - it just replaced my old brick breaker game and I don't think I'll ever enjoy another one the same because this officially raised my standards.
    songbird (TouchArcade)
  • Great music, unique gameplay, all add up to a very satisfying block-breaking experience you can only have on your iPad!
    Tim McLain (appolicious.com)